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There are many ways to describe what we are doing and the impact we have had, but perhaps the best measure is taken in the words of those who have been touched by TAP. In the following sections you will find stories in two categories. 

First stories from people who have participated in the programs. These stories are unedited, the words directly from the participant. We don't even correct minor grammatical errors that might slip in - for since English is perhaps the third or fourth language of the person writing the story it is important for us who can only communicate in one language to recognize the growth these people have achieved.

Second, we have stories from people who have visited. Here you will find stories that describe the honest impression of the impact of our programs and the promise for the future. 

Allen's Story

June 9, 2019

Allen C. Almero provided us this story and testimonial about her experience with TAP. It was her story that inspired the creation of this collection. I recommend you have some tissues nearby when you read this.

A Personal Mission

June 9, 2019

My wife had always wanted to visit, but in the final years of her life her failing health had prevented her from taking one last trip home. So it was up to me to make that trip for her.



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